Which Sport is Right for My Pet? 7 Ideas

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It’s definitely a constructive idea of making your pets perform or play a sport. But it is important that you choose the sport wisely. Not all the sports goes well with all kinds of pets! Therefore, before you try a game with your pet, just inquire about it with the vet and then proceed with the playing.

Considering the U.S culture, there has been a rise in the Dog Gaming culture. This not only keeps the pet healthy and active – but also helps with building a good pet-owner bond.

Which Sport is Right for My Pet? 7 Ideas

A recent study has revealed that playing sports has helped the dogs in dealing with anxiety troubles and depression. Therefore, playing games spread the positivity and also keeps the health in check.

We have compiled the 7 Most Effective Sports that you will enjoy playing with your pet. It goes as:

1] Agility Sports

This is the basic and the best of all. You might have seen it in the movies, where the dog is guided by the user or a dog-trainer and the dog jumps through the obstacles set on the path. This game is usually played on a playground, while you can set up a beginner’s level of agility game in your home garden as well.

You will have to check if they are not touching any contact areas of the agility equipment.

2] Flyball Box

It is one type of relay race with each team having four dogs. One dog is set free at a time, they run through the path, jump the hurdles and reach the Flyball box. There is one release panel on the box, just press it and this throws up the ball. The dog then chases the ball and brings it back to the handler. After this, the second dog has to repeat this, and so on. The team that finishes the task at first place, wins.

3] Dock Diving

In this game, dogs have to aim at a toy and then they have to land up in a pool of water.

4] Disc Dogs

This is yet another energy-filled exercise, and suitable for all the fetch-loving dogs. In the game, the dog has to fetch the disc that is thrown by the user. There are even a variety of playpens for dogs and puppies that you will come across online.

5] Canine Freestyle

As the name goes, the canine freestyle involves the dog performing a musical performance alongside the handler.

6] Running or Jogging

Running is a good exercise for the adult dogs, who falls in the medium to large breed style. Does your dog jump and simply knock out other people? Then you should get the leash on them and start a Running Routine. It’s easy to perform and does not require any additional training machine. Go for a basic jog for beginners.

7] Herding Trials

Herding is one among the inherent qualities that most of the dogs possess. A trial game is played, where the dog is set free with a group of other animals probably sheep. The judge gives the signal, and the dog carries out their magic.

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