Which Sport is Right for My Pet? 7 Ideas

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It’s definitely a constructive idea of making your pets perform or play a sport. But it is important that you choose the sport wisely. Not all the sports goes well with all kinds of pets! Therefore, before you try a game with your pet, just inquire about it with the vet and then proceed with the playing.

Considering the U.S culture, there has been a rise in the Dog Gaming culture. This not only keeps the pet healthy and active – but also helps with building a good pet-owner bond.

Which Sport is Right for My Pet? 7 Ideas

A recent study has revealed that playing sports has helped the dogs in dealing with anxiety troubles and depression. Therefore, playing games spread the positivity and also keeps the health in check.

We have compiled the 7 Most Effective Sports that you will enjoy playing with your pet. It goes as:

1] Agility Sports

This is the basic and the best of all. You might have seen it in the movies, where the dog is guided by the user or a dog-trainer and the dog jumps through the obstacles set on the path. This game is usually played on a playground, while you can set up a beginner’s level of agility game in your home garden as well.

You will have to check if they are not touching any contact areas of the agility equipment.

2] Flyball Box

It is one type of relay race with each team having four dogs. One dog is set free at a time, they run through the path, jump the hurdles and reach the Flyball box. There is one release panel on the box, just press it and this throws up the ball. The dog then chases the ball and brings it back to the handler. After this, the second dog has to repeat this, and so on. The team that finishes the task at first place, wins.

3] Dock Diving

In this game, dogs have to aim at a toy and then they have to land up in a pool of water.

4] Disc Dogs

This is yet another energy-filled exercise, and suitable for all the fetch-loving dogs. In the game, the dog has to fetch the disc that is thrown by the user. There are even a variety of playpens for dogs and puppies that you will come across online.

5] Canine Freestyle

As the name goes, the canine freestyle involves the dog performing a musical performance alongside the handler.

6] Running or Jogging

Running is a good exercise for the adult dogs, who falls in the medium to large breed style. Does your dog jump and simply knock out other people? Then you should get the leash on them and start a Running Routine. It’s easy to perform and does not require any additional training machine. Go for a basic jog for beginners.

7] Herding Trials

Herding is one among the inherent qualities that most of the dogs possess. A trial game is played, where the dog is set free with a group of other animals probably sheep. The judge gives the signal, and the dog carries out their magic.

Reasons to have a Good Ping Pong Table at home

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Ping Pong was founded in the 1800s, and the game is still popular and liked all over the world.

In this game, you could either play it in singles or doubles. It’s a fast-paced game and an intense game can burn up a lot of calories!

If you want to practice the game at home, then you should have a quality Ping Pong table, and a friend to play of course. Well, I personally love the indoor setup, as I could get to play the game no matter the weather condition.

Reasons to have a Good Ping Pong Table at home

Many people have asked me why should they consider getting a quality ping pong table for home.

Reasons to have a Good Ping Pong Table at home

One of the easiest replies for this is- because you should get Quality stuff, isn’t it? Something that lasts long.

The other reasons to have a Good Quality Ping Pong table for home tournaments are as follows:

For Mental Health & Peace

It is a game that can be played by any age-group person, even if they have got less pro knowledge about the game. Just a few hours on the game weekly could improve your physical health, and also keep you mentally fit. This also improves the heart rate and the blood circulation which keeps you calm yet energetic.

To be Fit & Burn More Calories

To be Fit & Burn More Calories

The calorie-burning rate varies from person to person, and it depends on the weight of the person too. Well, if one 150 pound weighing person is playing the ping pong game for 1 hour, he/she could lose 270 calories approx.

Socialising with People

Sports is a great way of bonding with the people. If you got the best ping pong table at your home, then you are bound to connect with your friends and acquaintances more closely.

Improve your Reflexes

As you keep developing the game, you are improving the muscle movements and they can now react to things more quickly than before. That’s how you could increase the reflexes and be more attentive with the things happening around you.

For Better Hand-Eye Coordination

For Better Hand-Eye Coordination

You can sharpen up your hand-eye coordination with continuous practice on the game. It brings in an alertness in you and allows you to plan things more strategically.

Play it Anytime, and Anywhere

Yes! Indeed! You can play the game anywhere and anytime you want to. It doesn’t matter what season is going on, you can still enjoy the game indoors at any hour of the day.

These are the Best Sorted Out Reasons for having a Good Ping Pong Table at home. Sport brings a new positivity and keeps you fit both externally and internally. What’s your excuse for not getting one? 

Buying a Router Table for Creative DIY Projects of 2018

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All set to buy a Router Table for some amazing home DIYs? You might have probably gone through the options online and came across a variety of router tables. How to make the right selection? What points need to be considered for anyone looking out for a basic or advanced Router Table?

It is important that you make the right selection here since all your Router works will mainly depend on the quality of the Router Table on which it is kept. We will now begin with the Router Table types and move on to other considerations.

Router Table Types which you can Choose from

Router Tables bring out the best in you while working on a woodpiece. If you are lacking in the precision and accuracy, then a router table will definitely help you out in this. There are basically three types of router table which you can choose from, depending on your requirement and the type of routing job you are intending to perform.

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Floor Standing Router Table

Floor Standing Router Table

This type of router table gives you the benefits of a compact router table, and it also allows you to easily mount the workpiece on it. They also come with all the storage options for the router bits, so you can store all the router related stuff easily. There is a dust collection port, which helps with keeping the surroundings clean. Also, the floor standing models take way too less space with the installation.

Benchtop Router Table

Benchtop Router Table

These router tables are known for its versatile nature and how it goes pretty well for almost any kind of router machine. You could find the benchtop router tables by brands like Bosch, Kreg, Bench Dog, and many others. Other features which you will find in this router table are mounting hardware setup, adjustable MDF plates, and the aluminum fencing is also present here.

You will also get a dust collection port, which will let you provide more concentration on the work rather than worrying about the cleaning job.

Extension Router Table

Extension Router Table

This router table setup is for those people who are on short of space, still looking for ways to expand the wooding experience. Here the table top has a melamine surface and comes with polyethylene edges. So, even if you are short on space you can get the routing job on with this extension router table.

What are your needs for DIY Projects?

You must be clear on the purpose of buying a Router Table, and know the answer for – what I am gonna do with the router?

There are different types of Router Tables available, so to make your selection easy you must know the need first. Then you have to check on the features like speed options, and finally, filter out the machines as per your Budget. Look on the space available at your place, and go for the router accordingly.

Getting Hooked on a Brand

This is something that happens almost with all kinds of goods or products. When people start using a particular brand for a long time, and people got high trust on the brand – they won’t go any further than the same brand. Maybe they are just afraid to test new products or just lazy enough to take risks!

So, make sure that you don’t get hooked on a brand. Instead look for the latest releases and the additional features added to the new models.

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Safety Concerns

There are different points to note while working on a router table. First, you need to make sure that the workpiece is firmly clamped on the table. This is important especially when you are doing the routing in a freehand style.

Safety Concerns

Some more points for effective routing are given as follows:

  • Keep the router table unplugged while doing all the adjustments.
  • Make sure that you are set with all the safety gear before getting started with the routing.
  • The processing of a wood router is carried out in a left to right direction.
  • Do not add excessive pressure on the router or the bit. If you wish to use large bits, then you need to get a router which matches the bit.
  • Also, inspect the bit as they get dull and may require replacement or sharpening.

These are some of the important points which you can consider while working on a router table.

Price Check!

Prices vary a lot depending on the built quality, features, and the brand name of course. If you are willing to buy the best in the router tables, then you must be willing to spend some more extra bucks for better performance and durable use.

You can check out the router table was reviewed by Beingwoodworker recently for quality selection.

This was our guide on- Buying a Router Table for Creative DIY Projects. Well, we have tried to cover almost all the aspects which one must consider when it comes to Router Table. Go for something which is easy on the handling, so that you can try your hands on home DIYs. Follow our page RunGlasGow for more post updates!

Welcome to the website of the 2010 Bank of Scotland Junior Great Scottish Run.

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Saturday 4th September 2010 – Glasgow Green, 10am

Well done!

Congratulations to all the thousands of runners who helped make this year’s Bank of Scotland Junior Great Scottish Run one of the best ever! Over 1,600 youngsters took part in 1.5k and 3k distance races earlier this morning.

The Bank of Scotland Junior Great Scottish Run is the second part of our race weekend that kicked off on Friday with over 3,000 school children taking part in the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish RunSchools Challenge. Pupils aged between 8 and 9 enjoyed a series of come and try sports challenges including golf, football, rugby, hockey, athletics and tennis before completing their ‘Great Scottish Run’ – a 1km road race challenge. Exhausted running shoes can harm your feet and transform your exercise into a drag. Discover how regularly and when to get new running shoes to keep your feet solid.

Today’s event, featuring 3k and 1.5k races, forms the second part of our programme introducing youngsters to athletic and gives them a real taste of competitive racing. Both races featured some of the best young runners in the country demonstrating the strength and depth of talent as we look towards Glasgow 2014.

Results for the Bank of Scotland Junior Great Scottish Run will be available online from Sunday 5th September onwards – click here to find out where you finish in Scotland’s greatest Junior race.

And remember you can pre-register for the 2011 from Sunday 5th September onwards.

Best Litter Box Reviews of 2018 – Top Rated Recommendation

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Nowadays the litter boxes are very popular amongst the pet owners for collecting the waste of pets. The litter box is a collecting case for the cats to collect the urine and solid waste of your cat. In this article, we are going to review the Best Litter Box of 2018 that will surely help to keep your home clean.

If your cat is using the litter box for a long time, then the cat gets habitual to use the box for excretion purpose. And if your cat is not using the litter box, then you have to train your cat for the same. There can be many possible reasons if your cat is not using the litter box.

We have taken many litter boxes into consideration to find the best litter box of 2018. You will find many different sizes of the litter box in the market. But in our list of the best litter boxes of 2018, the Iris litter box is at the top. Now, let’s start discussing the Iris litter box in detail.

IRIS Open Top Cat Litter Box

IRIS Open Top Cat Litter Box

The litter box helps your cat for providing the private place to your cat for urine and feces collection. One such great litter box is designed by Iris that comes with an open top. The Iris litter box has three side walls and an open top for easy and quick accessibility. And its deep design gives your cat the semi-private space.

The interior surfaces of this litter box are highly polished that helps in easy cleaning. Also, the litter scoop provided with the box can easily fit anywhere in the litter box to fasten the cleaning process. It has the molded feets at the bottom that consists of the high-quality materials that make it long-lasting.

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Product Features:-

  • Interior surface
    • The interior of this litter box is built from the highly polished materials. This will make you easily clean these interior surfaces of the litter box. Also, the molded-in-rims are attached to the interior surface that adds strength and durability to it.
  • Sturdy bottom and feets
    • This litter box has a recessed bottom and high-quality feets for better durability. It also adds strength and stability to the litter box, so your cat will enjoy using it.
  • Shielded pans
  • Open top design
    • The Iris litter box provides a lot of room to your cat as it has a large area. It has the walls on the three sides to feel secure. And with the open top, your cat can quickly and easily access the litter box without any difficulty.


  • This litter box from Iris is suitable for both small and big cats.
  • If your cat has the habit of entering the box from the front, then this product is perfect for you.
  • You can easily clean the interior of this litterbox as it consists of the highly-polished material.
  • Also, the back shield on the box prevents any type of spilling.


  • This litter box is not suitable for more than one cat.
  • As this is a manual litter box, so you have to clean it at a regular interval of time. Sometimes you have to clean it multiple times in a day.

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Now that we have outlined every detail of this litter box, it’s easy for you to make a choice. Your cat can quickly and easily access this litter box and start using it regularly in a very less time. If you are going to buy a litter box for a single pet, then Iris litter box is a perfect choice for you.

With this, we would like to conclude this article on Best Litter Box Reviews of 2018. We hope that you are clear with the information on the best litter box. If you still have any doubt, then you can contact us at Runglasgow. Also, don’t forget to share your feedback and thoughts. Thank you.

Table Tennis Reviews – Top Rated Picks of 2018

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Table Tennis is one of the fastest growing sport in the world and is a great way to enjoy with your friends and family. Seeing the popularity of this sport, many different companies have started making the table tennis tables. Here, we are going to discuss the Top Table Tennis Tables of 2018 of different brands.

If you are familiar with the table tennis sport, then you might have come across the word Ping Pong. The word Ping Pong is nothing but another name for table tennis. The table must consist of the high-quality materials to enjoy the game. You can choose the indoor or outdoor table according to your need.

If you love playing table tennis and are looking to buy a ping-pong table for you. Then you will come across different tables of different size, cost, and brands. After reading this article, you can easily find the best table for your home or office.

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table

This is one of the highest rated table tennis tables on the Amazon online store with 5.0 rating. It is best suitable for the indoor use and is perfect for your home or office. It comes pre-assembled by up to 95% making it easy for you to quickly use it without any need for assembling.

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Product Specifications:-

  • The thick material at the top of the table provides exceptional playability for all skill levels.
  • It is very easy to set and remove the net from this table with the help of the 72″ clamp-style.
  • There is a safety latch provided in this table that helps in added safety. It is present on the underside of the table that can lock the table in the upright position.

You can adjust the height of the table according to your need with the help of the leg adjusters. The apron at the top provides you with the consistent playing experience because of its even surface. Therefore, the Stiga table tennis table is suitable for home and competitions also.

JOOLA Rally Professional Grade Table Tennis Table

JOOLA Rally Professional Grade Table Tennis Table

The Joola Rally table is specially designed for home and office purpose with some added style. It comes preassembled by up to 95%, so you can start playing in just 15 minutes. The design to separate the halves of this table makes it easy for you to store the table without any difficulty.

Product Specifications:-

  • The table has 3-inch caster wheels that can easily glide when you move the table. Also, the locking device in every wheel ensures safety and stability while playing.
  • If you want to convert this table into playback position, then you can set one halve at a parallel angle.
  • Also, the 1.5-inch apron at the top helps in even bounce on the entire surface of the table.

This table is supported by the legs having a sturdy construction for better stability and reliability. It also consists of the rubber leg levelers on the feet to keep your floors scratch-free. So, this is a kind of table tennis table that you can buy for your home or for professional playing.

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These two are our top picks of the table tennis tables of 2018. You can buy the table that best fits your requirement and other playing needs. With these tables, you will experience amazing playing experience because they have high-quality playing surface top.

Well, now that you have seen the top picks of Table Tennis Tables of 2018 tell us which table you like the most. Also, share your thoughts about these tables at Runglasgow. We would love to hear from you on this subject. Drop them down in the comment section and let us know. Thank you.

Best Touchscreen Thermostat – Lux or Honeywell?

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A thermostat is a device that helps to attain an ideal temperature in your home for added comfort. There are many types of thermostats are available in the market. But here we are going to let you know the Best Touchscreen Thermostat of all that are currently available in the market.

The thermostat uses various programmable settings to increase or decrease the temperature in your surrounding. It is designed in such manner that it automatically controls the temperature of your room. This is done by changing the settings of the appliance in different ways at a regular interval of time.

Nowadays you can also buy the smart touchscreen thermostat to remotely have access to it. These type of thermostats can also be connected to your Wi-Fi network. You can set your thermostat for the next 7 days, so you don’t have to change the settings regularly.

According to the customers’ ratings and reviews on online stores, we have listed the top two thermostats. These top two touchscreen thermostats are Honeywell and Lux. But if you are looking for the best then you can find that by reading the following section of this article.

Best Touchscreen Thermostat

Best Touchscreen Thermostat

If you are looking for the best touchscreen thermostat, then you will come across many thermostats. With a smart thermostat, you can easily maintain the temperature of your home without any mess. You can also remotely access this thermostat from your smartphone and change the settings.

The top two smart touchscreen thermostats on our list are Honeywell and Lux. You can operate and control these kinds of devices with the help of your smartphone. These two thermostats have the most positive reviews than any other thermostats.

Honeywell Thermostat

This smart thermostat from Honeywell comes with an auto-schedule feature to help cut your electric bills. You can set this thermostat according to your need. For instance, if you are installing it with your air conditioning, then it can automatically turn the air conditioning when someone enters the room.

Similarly, you can also set to turn it off at your desired time by just scheduling the thermostat. You have an option to select the 12-hour and 24-hour time clock system.

Product Features:-

  • You can use the Honeywell thermostat with your smartphone for easy and quick access.
  • There is an energy saving mode with which the thermostat consumes very less amount of energy.
  • With the custom display, it will be easy for you to check the current information of the unit.
  • You can also program this thermostat for next 7 days.

It also comes with the indoor humidity sensor that automatically senses the temperature. This will help to humidify or de-humidify your room. With such wide range of amazing features, the Honeywell thermostat is one of the ideal choices for your home.

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Lux Thermostat

The Lux thermostat comes with many smart features that make your work in a more simple and convenient way. You can use this thermostat for a different variety of system because of its compatibility. It is compatible with the systems like air conditioners, coolers, heaters, and much more.

If you don’t want to have an unauthorized access to this thermostat, then you can use the touchpad lockout feature. You can check other features of this product in the below section.

  • An easy to read large touchscreen display makes it easy to use and access this thermostat.
  • It is compatible with a wide range of different systems.
  • You can program this unit for the next 7 days, so you don’t have to program it regularly.
  • This will help you attain the desired temperature by just selecting the heat or cool option.

The programmable air filter is also provided with this touchscreen thermostat. With just a simple touch of a finger, you can program the Lux thermostat without any difficulty. It provides a very convenient way to maintain the temperature of your home or room.

After examining the features and other details of the Honeywell and Lux thermostat, we would recommend the Lux thermostat over Honeywell. This is because of its wide system compatibility, convenient features, and easy access. The Honeywell thermostat is also an ideal choice for those who are looking for touchscreen thermostat.

Well, now that you are clear with the review on Honeywell and Lux thermostat. Tell us which of these thermostats you like the most. Also, tell us your thoughts on these products and if you have any query then you can contact us at Runglasgow. We are here to help you to our best way. Thank you.

Best Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera System – Safety Defined

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If you are looking to buy the best security camera for your place, then you are at the right place. After researching for hours and days we have found out the best security camera for you. In this article, we will let us know about the Best Security Camera System for both indoor and outdoor purpose.

The security cameras are the best way to trace each and every activity of your place. It is a great tool to identify people who are involved in any unlawful activities like burglary, murder, and much more. You need to install a suitable security camera system in order to track all such movements.

You will come across different types of security camera systems of different companies. Each of them has their own specialties and features to work at its best. In our list of top security camera system, the Netgear Arlo Pro tops the list because of its wide range of great features.

Arlo Pro by NETGEAR Security System

Arlo Pro by NETGEAR Security System

If you are searching a security system for a long time, then you must have come across the Arlo system. The Arlo Pro by Netgear is one of the most reliable and efficient security systems that are available in the market. You can this camera system for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

This camera system allows you to watch every movement from every angle. It is 100% wire-free that means you won’t require wires and cables for installation of this camera unit. With its high-definition camera lenses, it records crisp clear HD videos that have excellent quality.

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Product Features:-

  • Free cloud storage
    • With the Arlo Pro system, you will get free cloud storage to store your videos. The recorded videos will not only be stored in the USB storage but it also uses cloud storage. So, It can save the videos for a long time without any cost.
  • Weatherproof
    • The Arlo Pro cameras are IP-65 certified and are weatherproof. Therefore, you can use this camera in any type of weather like snow, rain, or heat.
  • Live view
    • One of the best features of this camera is live view. With the help of this feature, you can stream live recording videos from anywhere on your smartphone.
  • 2-way audio
    • This is one of the features that we like the most because of its reliability. The 2-way audio feature helps to listen and talk through the built-in speaker and mic provided. You can listen and speak with the help of your smartphone.
  • Smart Siren
    • You can avoid any unlawful activity with the siren of 100+ decibel given in the camera. This siren can be remotely controlled and is activated when any motion is detected near the camera.

The Arlo Pro system provides you with a wide range of great features to easily trace every movement around the camera. It also allows you to listen the sound near the camera through the speaker. You will never be disappointed with this camera system because of such amazing specifications.


  • With its 720 camera lens, it records video which has excellent video quality.
  • Its wire-free construction avoids any kind of hassles while installation.
  • Easy and quick set-up.
  • You can use it in any weather because of its weatherproof design.
  • It works on rechargeable batteries that have a long life. So, you don’t have to recharge the batteries more often.


  • The motion detection capability of this camera system is quite low. It takes time to detect any motion or any kind of sound.
  • You have to buy a base station for this camera that is quite expensive.

The Arlo Pro security camera system is fully wireless and comes with many great specifications. If you are planning to buy this camera system, then you have to spend lump sum amount of money. But the features of this camera are all worth the money you spent.

Well, with this we would like to conclude this article on the Best Security Camera System. Our best choice is Arlo Pro Netgear and if you have any better choice than this. Then let us know and do share your thoughts in the comment section. Drop them down and our team will reach you soon. Thank you.

Enter the race

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Walkers and Power Walkers

We want the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run to be open to as many people as possible and we actively welcome walkers and power walkers to participate. Should you intend to walk either the 10k or half marathon course it is advised however that you should have recent experience of walking a similar distance and should have completed an appropriate training programme.

On your race entry please ensure you clearly mark that you intend to walk the route. Please also select this option if you are undecided at the time of entry as to whether you may or may not walk the course. On race day you will be allocated to a start group at the rear of the main field and during the race we ask you to keep to the sides of the course in order to allow any runners who may have fallen behind you to pass.

In some instances other participants have experienced problems passing walkers who have linked arms in large groups or who have walked side-by-side. This is not appropriate race etiquette and we discourage such behaviour to ensure all participants have a safe and enjoyable race day experience.

Please read the race information booklet that you will receive in your entrants pack prior to the race carefully. Please be aware that if you are slower than anticipated and wish to continue the race after the roads have re-opened to traffic, you will need to leave the carriageway and continue on the pavements.

A tail car and sweeper bus will be in operation, the tail car will drive the route at walking pace. As the tail vehicle approaches, participants will be asked to move on to the pavements and use pedestrian crossing points until the race finish, and in effect regard themselves as a pedestrian. For your own safety please be aware that all course and medical facilities will cease at this point.

The 2011 10k Route

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The 2011 route is now confirmed which gives you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with it and maybe even have a practice run or two over the coming weeks. We will need to close some roads for the Ignis Asset Management Women’s 10k.

2010 street-by-street route guide:

  • Start – Nithsdale Road
  • (1km) – Maxwell Drive
  • St Andrews Drive
  • (2km) – Aytoun Road
  • Shields Road
  • Nithsdale Road
  • Kildrostan Street
  • (3km) – Terregles Avenue
  • (4km) – Herries Road
  • Titwood Road
  • Haggs Road
  • (5km) – Pollokshaws Road
  • (6-8km) – Pollok Park
  • (9km) – Dumbreck Road
  • Finish – Mosspark Boulevard