Buying a Router Table for Creative DIY Projects of 2018

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All set to buy a Router Table for some amazing home DIYs? You might have probably gone through the options online and came across a variety of router tables. How to make the right selection? What points need to be considered for anyone looking out for a basic or advanced Router Table?

It is important that you make the right selection here since all your Router works will mainly depend on the quality of the Router Table on which it is kept. We will now begin with the Router Table types and move on to other considerations.

Router Table Types which you can Choose from

Router Tables bring out the best in you while working on a woodpiece. If you are lacking in the precision and accuracy, then a router table will definitely help you out in this. There are basically three types of router table which you can choose from, depending on your requirement and the type of routing job you are intending to perform.

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Floor Standing Router Table

Floor Standing Router Table

This type of router table gives you the benefits of a compact router table, and it also allows you to easily mount the workpiece on it. They also come with all the storage options for the router bits, so you can store all the router related stuff easily. There is a dust collection port, which helps with keeping the surroundings clean. Also, the floor standing models take way too less space with the installation.

Benchtop Router Table

Benchtop Router Table

These router tables are known for its versatile nature and how it goes pretty well for almost any kind of router machine. You could find the benchtop router tables by brands like Bosch, Kreg, Bench Dog, and many others. Other features which you will find in this router table are mounting hardware setup, adjustable MDF plates, and the aluminum fencing is also present here.

You will also get a dust collection port, which will let you provide more concentration on the work rather than worrying about the cleaning job.

Extension Router Table

Extension Router Table

This router table setup is for those people who are on short of space, still looking for ways to expand the wooding experience. Here the table top has a melamine surface and comes with polyethylene edges. So, even if you are short on space you can get the routing job on with this extension router table.

What are your needs for DIY Projects?

You must be clear on the purpose of buying a Router Table, and know the answer for – what I am gonna do with the router?

There are different types of Router Tables available, so to make your selection easy you must know the need first. Then you have to check on the features like speed options, and finally, filter out the machines as per your Budget. Look on the space available at your place, and go for the router accordingly.

Getting Hooked on a Brand

This is something that happens almost with all kinds of goods or products. When people start using a particular brand for a long time, and people got high trust on the brand – they won’t go any further than the same brand. Maybe they are just afraid to test new products or just lazy enough to take risks!

So, make sure that you don’t get hooked on a brand. Instead look for the latest releases and the additional features added to the new models.

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Safety Concerns

There are different points to note while working on a router table. First, you need to make sure that the workpiece is firmly clamped on the table. This is important especially when you are doing the routing in a freehand style.

Safety Concerns

Some more points for effective routing are given as follows:

  • Keep the router table unplugged while doing all the adjustments.
  • Make sure that you are set with all the safety gear before getting started with the routing.
  • The processing of a wood router is carried out in a left to right direction.
  • Do not add excessive pressure on the router or the bit. If you wish to use large bits, then you need to get a router which matches the bit.
  • Also, inspect the bit as they get dull and may require replacement or sharpening.

These are some of the important points which you can consider while working on a router table.

Price Check!

Prices vary a lot depending on the built quality, features, and the brand name of course. If you are willing to buy the best in the router tables, then you must be willing to spend some more extra bucks for better performance and durable use.

You can check out the router table was reviewed by Beingwoodworker recently for quality selection.

This was our guide on- Buying a Router Table for Creative DIY Projects. Well, we have tried to cover almost all the aspects which one must consider when it comes to Router Table. Go for something which is easy on the handling, so that you can try your hands on home DIYs. Follow our page RunGlasGow for more post updates!

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