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Walkers and Power Walkers

We want the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run to be open to as many people as possible and we actively welcome walkers and power walkers to participate. Should you intend to walk either the 10k or half marathon course it is advised however that you should have recent experience of walking a similar distance and should have completed an appropriate training programme.

On your race entry please ensure you clearly mark that you intend to walk the route. Please also select this option if you are undecided at the time of entry as to whether you may or may not walk the course. On race day you will be allocated to a start group at the rear of the main field and during the race we ask you to keep to the sides of the course in order to allow any runners who may have fallen behind you to pass.

In some instances other participants have experienced problems passing walkers who have linked arms in large groups or who have walked side-by-side. This is not appropriate race etiquette and we discourage such behaviour to ensure all participants have a safe and enjoyable race day experience.

Please read the race information booklet that you will receive in your entrants pack prior to the race carefully. Please be aware that if you are slower than anticipated and wish to continue the race after the roads have re-opened to traffic, you will need to leave the carriageway and continue on the pavements.

A tail car and sweeper bus will be in operation, the tail car will drive the route at walking pace. As the tail vehicle approaches, participants will be asked to move on to the pavements and use pedestrian crossing points until the race finish, and in effect regard themselves as a pedestrian. For your own safety please be aware that all course and medical facilities will cease at this point.

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